Won’t you accept my award?

It’s lovely to be nominated for an award. Truly it is. It means that somebody, somewhere, has taken the time out to suggest that your <whatever> is done well, and worthy of recognition. I’ve been lucky enough to have my event, Carpe Noctum, put up for two awards this year (Auxiliary Magazine‘s “Best Club, 2016”, for which we were shortlisted, and Yorkshire Guide‘s “Outstanding Music Club, 2017”, for which voting is still open). It’s a beautiful thing.

However, (and I’ll get this out now before we fail to win the latter and it sounds like sour grapes) ….

  1. Club nights, albums, films, gigs …. it’s not a competitive event. There are no rules that define what winning or losing look like. It’s art (daahling), not sport. Bringing score charts into play is irrelevant and inappropriate. We all play on our own terms, and define success or failure by our own metrics. If we went by numbers, The Sun (link deliberately not included) would be “best newspaper” every year.
  2. Online votes are Shitty McShitface. Impressing the wider web does not equate to success.
  3. How many votes are actually weighing the (even subjective) merits of each competitor? I doubt anyone, last year, had been to Carpe, three North American clubs, and an Austrian club, and was thus in a position to say which was best.

Winning polls is meaningless. Being nominated is awesome. We’ve been doing this for eighteen years and genuinely appreciate all the support we’ve had along the way.

That said, if we were to win one at any point, it’d be on every damned flyer and poster we got printed for the next twelve months.

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