This Is My Nightclub

This is my nightclub. There are – or at least were – many like it, but this one is mine.

Without me, my nightclub is useless. Without my nightclub, I am useless.

Night gathers, and now my club begins. It shall not end until closing time. I shall not compromise nor take the easy route when booking bands, but follow my vision and give the customers not only what they want, but what they need. I shall nurture new talent and reach out to new audiences.

I am the DJ in the darkness. I am the watcher from the bar. I am the anonymous promoter on the interwebz.

I pledge my life and honour to the scene; to protect the interests of acts, venues and customers alike. I vow to treat all fairly and equitably, to be honest and transparent in my dealings with them, sharing fairly the proceeds of the night.

I pledge solidarity to my brothers and sisters of the Promoters’ Guild, that we shall work together, forsaking all ego and ambition, for the greater good of the scene from which we arose.

For this night, and all the nights to come.

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